CS Line Selected As One of Top 10 Green Building Products for 2012

Sustainability is about so much more than just environmental issues. Sustainability encompasses both social and economic dimensions as well as environmental responsibility. This is known as the three pillars of sustainability or ‘the Triple Bottom Line.’

We recognize that the three pillars of sustainable development – social, economic and environmental – are closely interdependent. For a product to be truly sustainable it must meet the needs of all three aspects.  Our sustainabilty program is a holistic approach to managing sustainability issues, considering our impact on all three aspects of sustainability and not just the environment.
Creating value Valuing our environment Valuing people
Creating Economic Value Valuing the Environment Valuing people

Attributes such as underfoot safety, hygiene, ease of maintenance, durability or even aesthetics all work in synergy with the  environmental, social, and economic performance of a product. For example, our safety flooring requires no waxes or polishes to  maintain, thereby providing a smaller environmental impact, a lower economic cost and more positive impact with the people in the  building.

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