Altro Marine 20

Make a splash in showers, pool surrounds and spa decks with Altro Marine 20. This range features a unique textured surface designed for safety in wet environments with bare feet. Though heavily textured with a studded surface, Altro Marine 20 remains comfortable underfoot and it affords superb slip resistance when wet, making it ideal for use in areas constantly subject to water.

Altro Marine 20 is easily tanked and integrates with drains. Paired with Altro Whiterock, you can prevent water and mold penetration from floor to ceiling by creating a seamless, impervious, water-tight environment. 

Equipped with our pioneering cleaning technology, Altro Easyclean Original.  This range offers a lasting attractive appearance and savings over floors not treated with this technology.  Altrosan, an integral bacteriostat, is incorporated throughout the wear layer.

For areas in which pedestrian traffic is both soled and barefoot, Altro recommends Altro Aquarius.

Seagrass IPT20814



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