Altro Safety Flooring

Altro's unique, patented construction of high grade vinyl with slip-resistant grains throughout the wear layer of the safety flooring ensures a durable surface that is slip-resistant for the life of the floor.

Our safety flooring appears smooths on the surface but provides a high level of slip resistance when walked on.  The pressure created by walking over our safety flooring cases aggregates to push up and rub against the shoe, creating friction.  Becuase of this, Altro safety flooring remains safe even when wet.

Altro Smooth Flooring

When safety is not critical, our smooth flooring ranges deliver versatile looks with an economical price.

Available in wood looks, natural marble patterns as well as colorful chipped & solid patterns.  Our smooth flooring comes in tile & resilient roll formats.

Our smooth ranges feature factory PU/PUR finishes to ensure that your floor remains attractive and easy to maintain over the course of it's life.